Alocasia Zebrina Zimmerpflanze

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Alocasia Zebrina Zimmerpflanze

Alocasia zebrina

86 cm gross (mit Topf)

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Bright, indirect sunlight. Can tolerate lower light quite well.
Water once the top half-inch of soil is dry. Small amounts of water at a time, rather than completely dousing the soil, reduces the risk of root rot.

Zebrinas prefer high humidity and are medium to fast-growing ,they go dormant in winter.
It can be considered rather fast-growing in the warm season, putting out leaves once every two weeks under ideal conditions. It sheds older leaves naturally and replaces them with new foliage.

The plant needs good light and a little extra watering attention but isn’t too hard to please. Its main vulnerability in containers is a rhizome root system that can easily rot in wet soil.

Extremely well-draining potting mix. Equal parts peat, perlite, and compost works well.

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